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Sacred Heart University

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linda3057 @ 02:21 pm: reporter seeking student comments
Hi, this is Linda Lambeck from the Connecticut Post. I am doing a story on drug use on local college campuses. I have plenty of official imput. I am looking for honest comments from students. You can post here or directly to my email: lclambeck@ctpost.com.
I want to know:
1. Do you see any drug use on campus (marijuana or other drugs other than alcohol);
2. would you consider it a lot, a little or growing?
3. Is it available to buy on campus or do you have to go off campus?
If you feel comfortable giving me your name and age, please do so. Note, however, that I want to use these comments in a story that will be published in a newspaper, so don't tell me about any personal usage.
thanks much.

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